In the late 1800s, Scotsman George Grant brought the first four Angus bulls to the United States, crossed them with Texas Longhorn cattle, and the breed that would become America's favorite beef was born. Over the next century the hornless, solid black animal became synonymous with steaks and burgers that are the pride of kitchens and grills from coast to coast.

Sherwood Farm black angus cattle are pastured for approximately 18 months and are then offered the proprietary Sherwood diet,  high in protein, fiber, and the essential nutrients that produce perfectly-marbled steaks and roasts. When the animals reach optimum stature and weight, they are humanely processed, under continual USDA inspection, then clear-pack frozen and labeled for delivery to your freezer. At Sherwood, we do not use growth hormones or anything artificial to enhance our product.

Full-, half-, and quarter steers are offered throughout the year at prices

that are not much higher than you’ll find at the grocer.

When you pre-order a share of beef, you get to specify exactly how

you want your meat cut and packaged, and you’ll know who raised your

food and where.

For more information or to inquire about ordering a beef share for your

home, please email or call

Pres Nowlin at 434-284-4165.

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Dry aging – the connoisseur’s choice

Some foods are best eaten as fresh as you can possibly find them. Think of that tuna you caught off-shore, seared on a grill that evening, that just melted in your mouth. Or those perfect summer tomatoes that bask in the sun until they reach nightshade nirvana.

Fine beef, however, requires a little extra finesse between the harvest and the kitchen. Like a fine cabernet or a perfectly veined Stilton cheese, beef improves with age. Flavors concentrate and the meat becomes more tender with several weeks hanging in a temperature- and humidity-controlled walk-in cooler.

Definitely more art than science,  dry aging is expensive and requires attention and expertise, but the results speak for themselves. If you’ve never tried dry-aged beef, please treat yourself to a Sherwood steak, aged a minimum of 28 days, and I guarantee you will understand why the best restaurants and butchers offer nothing else.

-Pres Nowlin

Sherwood Farm Premium Virginia beef is served by discerning chefs in selected restaurants through our partnership with Seven Hills Food. Tel: (434) 845-1100